Hi World,
This is my attempt at a software project to integrate some music theory knowledge that's still in my head into something useful.  This is currently in alpha development stage i.e. lots of busted stuff.  My hope is to get enough feedback in the design to make it useful for me and for others.  Use it as Java sample code if you like.

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Screen Shots:

Java Version Screen Shot

Perl Version Screen Shot
This is the java source code.
This is the perl source code.

Run the Applet version of MTE

Project goals:

Provide a computer environment which will facilitate finding patterns and relationships between chords, scales, intervals, keys in an automated manner.  Like a 4gl for writing music?

Tasks which we would like MTE to perform.
Search capabilities on chords.
Finding relationships between chords, scales.
Find chord and scale equivalence.
Transpose a series of chords from one key to another.
Find a common key for a series of chords, and represent them.
Analyze musical scores and find pivot points between keys.

proposed feature list
piano keyboard view
expansion of keyboard
guitar fretboard view
tuning of fretboard
provide ability to create chords
printing ability of objects
chords, scales, keyboard, fretboard, staff?
musical staff notation view
guitar tabulature notation view
MS Word OLE drag and drop support generated scales, and chords into documents

Interface to other software products
To leverage the strengths of other products- don't reinvent the wheel??

Support for Lilypond - Music Typesetting Software
Add guitar tabulature notation
Create a java viewer for lilypond? -similar to denemo
Support for tabledit
Export/import feature

create a database of chords which are generated
find interesting relationships by querying chord database, scale database

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